Why Buy - Used

If you are shopping for a car, you should be asking yourself this basic question: should I buy a new car or a used car?

Many car-buyers simply write off used cars cheap-in the derogatory sense of the word-and unreliable options, but this couldn't be further from truth (except for the part where you do save money). The truth about buying used cars is that there are far more benefits than most folks realize.

Smaller Sticker Price

We've already mentioned the money-saving aspect of buying a used car, but it's worth repeating. Choosing a used car over a new model invariably means you will see a smaller number on that price tag, especially here at Randall Noe Used Cars where we are committed to securing the lowest possible price for our customers.

Lower Fees

If you've ever bought a car before, whether it was new or used, you know that the MSRP isn't the only cost you need to worry about. Additional fees include sales tax and the price of registering your vehicle in your city or municipality. The good news? Fees for used cars are significantly lower than those of new cars.

Insurance Savings

Insuring a used vehicle is consistently less expensive than insuring a new car, unless you happen to be the owner of a rare historical model. If you're in the region of Fate, Forney, Mesquite, or Kaufman and happen to own one of those special rides, bring it down to Randall Noe Used Cars - we'd love to see it!

Skip the Depreciation

It's true: when you buy a new car, the value of it diminishes by up to 30% the moment you drive it off the lot. On the other, less-expensive hand, a used car has already undergone the bulk of its depreciation process. This means the money you spend in purchasing a new-to-you used vehicle is closer to the true, overall value of the vehicle, and more importantly, it means you can get a bigger cut back if you resell down the line.

Increased Reliability

Those dirty "J" words - "junker" and "jalopy" - no longer apply to used cars. Cars have a much longer lifespan than they did in the old days, so buying used no longer means getting just a year out of it if you're lucky; that is, unless you expect to drive about 200,000 miles in 12 months.

Test drive a used car at Randall Noe Used Cars and see for yourself just what you have to gain by choosing to buy used.


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