Staying safe on the road largely comes down to timing and driver awareness, both of which you have limited control over. Accidents are bound to happen, even with the advanced safety systems present in modern vehicles. If you're looking for ways to keep your family on the roads of Fate, Texas, then Pulse braking technology may be the answer.

Pulse is available on vehicles created after 1991. It consists of a center brake light that pulses four times, effectively warning following drivers that you're reducing your speed. It is currently available as a wide variety of new and used car dealerships, including Randall Noe Pre Owned Super Center.

The rear-collision deterrent functions by pulsing the third brake light, a mandated feature on all vehicles made in the past 25 years, when the driver presses the brake pedal. The pulsing brake light effectively catches the attention of tailing drivers sooner, giving them more time to stop.

90 percent of all rear-end collisions could be avoided if drivers had an extra second to brake, according to the Department of Transportation. Pulse provides that warning. In fact, studies show that Pulse increases driver reaction time by nearly 50 percent. Those same studies show that a distracted driver is nearly 70 percent more likely to notice a pulsing brake light as well.

Perhaps best of all, installing Pulse won't void the warranty on your car. The system's manufacturer hand-tests every single unit, not just a single system out of thousands. In the event of the unit's failure, the third brake light would continue to function as though Pulse was never there.

Whether you're heading to Terrell, Forney, or Fate, Pulse is an advantageous safety device that helps ward off dangers you can't control. While you can focus on the road and do your best to avoid collisions, you aren't the only driver on the road. Stop in at Randall Noe Pre Owned Super Center of Terrell to see Pulse braking technology in action!


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